As the title of the Blog says, this is my place to talk about my world and to review books and anything else that I feel the need to comment on.  My name is Kayla.  I have Fibromyalgia (aka FMS), am an avid reader with an eclectic taste in books and have been playing World of Warcraft for around five years.  The FMS seriously limits my ability to do things, so reading and playing computer games have become important to me as ways to relax and stave off depression.  I shall write more about all three things as time goes on and, along with reviews of books and thoughts on my favourite game, I hope to give people something of an understanding of how FMS – which is also known as an “Invisible Illness” because you cannot tell by looking that someone has it – affects people of all ages.

When the FMS allows me to be a little more active, I love to cook and bake.  I am currently (ha! have been for over a year now) working on collating most of the recipes that I use and have adapted over the years into a collection that I can publish via Lulu or similar simply so that I can have them all as a single volume rather than random scraps of paper piled high on a kitchen shelf.

Welcome to my World


3 comments on “Welcome to my World

  1. I can’t believe I finally found someone with a blog with FMS and playing World of Warcraft!
    I recently started a blog. Not sure why, other than to maybe keep myself busy or busier with thoughts in what to post next. I think I also did it to try to motivate myself to keep going. I was only recently diagnosed with FMS in March of this year.
    I had a very scary incident at work where I thought for sure I was going to pass out. Luckily I didn’t, but I couldn’t stand, walk or sit up by myself. I was scared as hell. I spent 36 hours in the hospital and they could find nothing that explained my symptoms.
    Once I finally got to a Rheumatologist, they decided I had FMS. I had stopped working the second week of February because of pain and having to get on and off a ladder scared me. I felt uneasy on the ladder and was scared of anything happening that would end up with me in the hospital again or worse. I was a temp at Miller Coors in Golden, CO. The last thing I needed was to get fired and never be able to return. So the temp service put me on a Medical End, so that once all these doctors figured out what was going on and got me fixed up, I could bring in doctors release papers and go back to work. Well, that hasn’t worked out well….and here I sit at home day after day after day. I think it adds stress just being home because I was use to going to work. I had worked for 31 years and it was part of who I am…or was, before the FMS crap came along.
    I have not applied for disability and am waiting to see a Rheumatologist that actually talks to me and listens to me about whether or not I will be able to ever work again. And if not, then is disability even a possibility? So far, I only have FMS, some rather large Fibroid tumors (in, on and around my uterus and possibly one that has grown into my cervix) that need to come out this summer sometime and something in my mammogram that they aren’t sure of yet. The unknown is definitely scarier than the FMS.
    I suppose I will keep hitting up Google for more blogs like yours. That and try to work on my WoW project.

    Have a great Memorial Weekend!

    • Hiya, sorry for taking so long to approve your comment – I had to go into hospital for an operation on my spine in early June and have been pretty much away from the computer ever since. Gradually recovering (the fibro makes it a long haul recovery… extra pain means extra flare-ups 😦 ) and will hopefully be back to blogging again in plenty of time for MoP 😉 Thanks for reading.

  2. Oh goodness! I will be having surgery (a partial hysterectomy) sometime in August or September. The sooner they get it done the better for me, as it makes my fibro flare every month. Not to mention the other issues of fibroid tumors that are growing a little too fast for my doctors liking.
    I will be sending healing thoughts your way…and hoping for a complete recovery and less flare ups. 🙂

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