It’s a Long Way to Dragon Soul – pondering on the levelling curve


A recent (ok, a couple of weeks ago) post on Ten Ton Hammer regarding the current levelling curve and the future grind to reach max level when Mists of Pandaria is released had me thinking.  I decided to post my comment here, so that I could find it again more easily.

Hmmm… Blizz will do what works for the game _and_ what makes them the most money if they can possibly justify it. So, I shall forecast *hums and puts her fingers to her temples* Within the next 2 years it will be possible, if you already have a max levelled character (85/90/95/whatever), to pay via your account a nominal amount (maybe per ten levels?) to level new/lowbie alts. I also think the 1-70 levelling curve will flatten further, perhaps seeing questing alone lift a character by an additional 2-3 levels per zone over what they do now (what is it? 5-6 levels per zone on average now?).

What I’d like? Anything that makes questing through Outland faster… don’t know what it is, I really enjoy levelling (altoholic who has maxed out account character limit before) but 1-60 is fun and I enjoy Northrend, but Outland bores me to tears. Maybe it’s the sheer length of time I spent at 70 before Wrath. My main and my alts did every single damned quest in the game that was available and still ran out of stuff to do and was reduced to doing the Isle of Free Money over and over and over (I started too late in the expansion to get into the very, very linear raiding game on my server – trying to find people willing to help you run Kara etc over and over to gear you up was a waste of time).

As thoughts percolate and ferment (*ew* fermented ponderings) I may post more of the subject as MoP comes ever closer.


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