If you don’t know why Unum should she shunned by all politicians, read this.

Mo Stewart

via Here's why Labour needs to go a lot further to win back our trust.

I’ve been saying this about Unum in various places for a few years. The mass media are deliberately ignoring them. So most people will go “who the hell are Unum?” A company that has been declared rogue in several US states; a company that has been banned from operating in at least one country (New Sealand); a company that uses an unproven and discredited “model” of sickness and disability in order to deny health insurance payouts by declaring some as “all in the mind” and therefore not “real”. Labour still consorting with them despite their recent promises to change things. They can sack ATOS, but that says nothing about changing the WCA & associated policies as dreamt up by Unum (who appear to have a revolving door system of senior executives with Atos anyway).


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