The Tories are not simply “out of touch”, their policies are deliberate and malevolent

via The Tories are not simply "out of touch", their policies are deliberate and malevolent.

Too many people, when faced with this information, will turn away and mutter “what do you expect me to do about it?” Then complain loudly that no-one did anything to stop the Tories and their policies just as soon as they themselves are hit by them.

Disability campaigners have been fighting this battle for more than three years. The rest of society only seemed to notice that there might, maybe, be something wrong this year. And most of them shrugged and muttered “it can’t be that bad, this is Britain, not some third world dictatorship!” promptly ignoring things or buying onto the tabloid stories.

Read this article. Think about it. Remember it could easily be you on the receiving end of this government’s policies.


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