The Big Benefits Row on Channel 5 removed the only Disability Activist from the panel at the last minute. Why?

Why was there no representative of sick and disabled people on the Big Benefits Row on Channel 5? There was supposed to be. But, if you could stomach watching media whores Katie Hopkins (I had absolutely no idea who this woman was until recently – a nobody who spouts whatever crap she is paid to ) and Edwina Currie (nasty woman with no sense and less taste) spout their vile drivel, you’ll have noticed that there was no mention at all of the millions of chronically ill and disabled people who have absolutely no option but to rely on benefits (well, death is an option, I suppose). No mention of the millions who are being forced onto Jobseekers despite being completely unfit for work. No mention of the hundreds of thousands of DLA/PIP recipients who will lose their benefit as the goalposts are moved and they are deemed “not disabled enough” – we haven’t recovered, our extra expenses have actually increased, but you know, the financial crisis is all our fault. Got to cut the welfare budget so the banks (including the ones we now own after bailing out) can continue to pay huge salaries and bonuses as they trundle along the well-worn path to the next financial crisis.

Some facts about benefits for the sick and disabled taken from Sue’s blog
(linked below):

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is being cut by 20%
The criteria to qualify for DLA slashed has been by 60%
1 MILLION people are to be stripped of Employment and Support Allowance
The Independent Living Fund has bee scrapped**
1500 people lost their jobs as Remploy factories were all closed
Just 3% of the entire welfare budget goes to unemployed people
Social security fraud is around £1.2 Billion per year – less than half of 1%, or 0.15% of total welfare budget. That’s just £1.50 lost for every thousand or 0.15% of the total welfare
The DWP pay out much more in their own errors – 2.2 Billion
A whopping £16 BILLION goes unclaimed, generally to avoid the stigma of “welfare”
We have some of the toughest criteria for claiming social security in the developed world.
Is our UK social security systemn too generous? No again. In international terms we come just 46th out of 51, paying some of the lowest benefits anwhere
440,000 sick or disabled people will be hit by the Bedroom Tax. That’s over 2 thirds.

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger: The Big Benefits Row

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