Idiot estate agents

We’ve had the house on the market for 4 weeks. We need to move to a bungalow as stairs are getting too hard for me to cope with. Four weeks and NO viewings at all. An “open house” had been arranged for 2 weeks ago, but was cancelled at the very last-minute by the agents (an hour before it was to start). To say I was pissed off would be a colossal understatement. With my health, doing a massive tidy and “staging” of the house for viewers is not a trivial thing.

I have 2 other agencies very keen to work with us (calling regularly to see how things are going), so I rang this lot to find out what the problem was.
“Oh, there’s a lot of interest, so we were going to arrange another open house for next weekend, if that’s ok with you?”
I asked why we weren’t getting people booked in to view if there was so much interest.
“We put people off having a viewing until we have an open house, then we can show them all through at once!”
No, dear agent, as soon as someone expresses interest, you ask if they would like to view. Then you call me with the day/time that suits them and as long as it is at least the next day or later, and I will be home, I will say “Yes!” – and I will accept “unaccompanied viewers” as well if it’s just too much work for you.

Need to check the contract to see double-check dates and see how hard I can batter them with the threat of going multiple agency.

Anybody after a 3-bed/1-bath, 250+ year old semi-detached mill-worker’s cottage in the Mendip Hills (Somerset – not in a flood risk area!), split-level garden, 2 sheds (one has been used as an office), 2′ thick walls, predominant beams, cottage doors, a duel-fuel burner set in the centre of the old stone walls (keep it burning for a few days and the heat radiates through the stone via the chimney to heat the house), deep windowsills and new carpets downstairs? OIRO £215,000 – it’s on Rightmove 😉


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