Thanks a bunch “Little Britain”

I have a whole new fun thing to look forward to (courtesy of the twits from Little Britain). I have purchased a self-propelled wheelchair, it’s red and needs Go Faster Stripes, so that I can get around more easily without exhausting myself. So that when I get somewhere, I can actually stand up and walk around a bit instead of collapsing in agony as soon as I get there. But people see a person in a wheelchair and assume “confined” is the correct word to use about them, that the only people who use wheelchairs are totally unable to walk or to move independently. Standing up from a wheelchair triggers thoughts (if not cries) of “fake” from some people. I half expect to be called “Andy” (the character in LB that is in a wheelchair). This is going to be so much fun. Not.

I used to find these sketches amusing, now they just irritate me.


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