An email to authoritarian Tory MPs Charlie Elphicke, Priti Patel and Conor Burns

The Tories use the old tactic of “If You Have No Defence, Attack” against Oxfam.

Kittyjones shares her email to Tory MPs castigating them for their behaviour.

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The depth of corruption in the Conservative Party’s new, privatised health system

Mike Sivier writes : –

According to the Daily Mirror, Circle Health has been given £1.36 billion of health work after investors gave £1.5 million to the Tories; and Care UK – who bankrolled former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley with £21,000 during the seven years he was secretly working on the Health and Social Care Act while Tory leaders were denying any plans for the top-down reorganisation it would authorise – has won £102.6 million in contracts and its chairman John Nash has been made a lord, in return for a £247,250 donation to the Tories.

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The Truth and Statistics Campaign – Petition 2

Jayne says :-

Last year over 100,006 people said Hold Iain Duncan Smith to account for his misuse of Statistics, both The Work & Pensions Select 3rd Report Monitoring the Perfomance of DWP 2012/13 and the Public Administration Committee 1st Report Agreed.

We demand The House accepts these Recommendation and Ensures Minsters and others present statistics in a way that is fair, accurate and “unspun”.

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The French view of Welfare Reform

French readers of Le Monde get to read an interview with three disabled people regarding the Work Capability Assessments by Atos and the fear it engenders in those who are at risk of being forced to attend them. I think the translation of the article into English has been done with one of the online text translation tools but, as Jayne says in her intro, it is still readable and understandable even if a little difficult to parse because of grammar and pronoun irregularities.

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In case you think the media aren’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes

It is heartbreaking that both countries I call home are going the same way. That Australia is, yet again, blindly following the UK and USA into disaster. The traditional media has failed us. The Opposition have failed us (in both countries). All we can rely on is ourselves.

The only solution is to abandon mainstream media completely, including the news channels, and put our OWN information out there. Everyone who attends a protest, everyone who makes a noise, everyone who signs a petition, everyone who does anything to try to make a change… post to twitter, facebook, livejournal, wordpress, blogger, even google+, everywhere you can. Share your thoughts, pictures, ideas with as many as possible and ask them to share as well. If you have the slightest desire to make a change and have the ability, stand as an independent candidate wherever possible. When I was fit, I did it. If the fibro would let up, I would seriously consider doing it again.

And always remember that we are “policed by our own consent” – the police rely on the majority of people “doing as they are told” because if we didn’t they could not deal with it. The police know this. It is why they try tougher and tougher tactics to try and shut down protests. They are terrified of being overwhelmed. They can only do what WE let them get away with. One, two, even three police attacking a single protester while 30 other people look on and take video/pictures with their phones… really? The balance of numbers doesn’t occur to people?

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Labour must turn and fight now – or give up its electoral hopes altogether

I voted Labour for years, ever since I was old enough to vote, both in UK & Australia. I moved back to the UK from Australia shortly after NuLabour won the 1997 election, feeling hopeful for the future of this country for the first time since my family had moved to Aus when I was 16. I spent the next decade watching as ever more totalitarian legislation to control the populace was proposed (and in many cases forced through) but regulations on companies and banks were loosened to near non-existance as Blair tried to become a British version of Dubya while lining up a lucrative retirement for himself.

I voted LibDem for the duration of Labour’s rule. I disliked Clegg but agreed with the majority of their manifesto. I will admit to a cautious optimism when the Tory/LibDem Coalition was formed after the last election. It could have been a really good thing. If the LibDems had been sensible and recognised that they did hold the balance of power – but they sold out their supporters, and the rest of the country, for an illusion of power and a vote/referendum or two on a couple of their long-term goals that were promptly quashed by their “partners”. If one more LibDem whines to me that they can’t oppose the Tories because they are “the smaller partner” I might have to slap them until they understand the concept of “withdrawing support” as a political manoeuvre, or at least until they understand that by not opposing the various evil pieces of legislation being imposed, by not opposing the cuts being made, they are as culpable for the deaths, poverty and misery as their “larger partner” in the Coalition.

LibDems making noises as if they will be in any position to form a coalition with anyone at the next election are simply deluded.

I will never, ever vote Tory. It is not a tribal thing. It is a sense of self-worth thing. It is a self-respect thing. I value myself more than that.

If Labour ever want my vote again, the leader (whoever s/he is, and I really don’t care as long as they do what is needed and keep their promises) needs to stop being a fucking coward. Stand up to the Tories. Stand up to the sodding tabloids. Do the right thing, not the Right thing.

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Dominic Raab on BBC Question Time on Foodbanks

Of course Raab knew he was misquoting the Trussell Trust (aka lying). It’s a pity there’s never anyone on the panel (including the presenter) with either the knowledge or the guts to challenge him and his ilk when they spout rubbish. I’ve given up on watching Question Time or listening to Any Questions on R4 now, both given me an unwanted increase in blood pressure and put me in a bad temper.

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Cameron’s Class Background, Prejudices and Osborne’s ‘Workers’ Budget’

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This morning the lead story in the i was that Cameron had been told by the Tories that he had to stop the gap between North and South widening any further. Further to this story, Osborne had been preparing a ‘Worker’s Budget’ for next week. Quite how far Cameron is from anyone, who could remotely be described as working class is explained in detail in Owen Jones’ Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class (London: Verso 2012).

Cameron’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all stockbrokers. His primary school was Heatherdown Preparatory School in Berkshire, whose old schoolboys include Princes Andrew and Edward. When he was eleven he flew across the Atlantic with a group of his school chums to go to the birthday party of Peter Getty, the grandson of the oil billionaire, John Paul Getty. He was, of course, like all good snobs, educated at Eton. Before he went…

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“We ARE a wealthy country, and we need to make the right choices in 2015. Flooding is awful – but extreme poverty, isolation, freezing cold homes and hunger are as well.”

I agree with Jane Young:

“Disabled people clearly don’t matter. Poor people clearly don’t matter. Older people matter a bit, but not enough to ensure social care is properly funded. But suddenly, after lots of people and communities have been suffering from dreadful flooding for many weeks, the Thames breaks its banks. As if by magic, the Prime Minister tells us “Money is no object. We are a wealthy country”. I feel sick.” (my emphasis)

One of the things that depresses me the most, living in Somerset (fortunately in a higher area and never likely to flood), is that come May 2015 whatever turn out we actually have will be almost evenly divided between Tory and LibDem tribal voters. It doesn’t matter how devastated families have been by the actions of this government, they will still turn out to vote the way their parents and grandparents voted. Because that’s the way it’s done here! Which one of them gets in will depend on how the splinter vote goes, whether more jump ship from Tory or from LD and which way they go (to the other or to a smaller party – around here that includes Labour). The incumbent will get back in unless they do something to seriously piss off their supporters in the 3 months before the election.

BTDT, getting really sick and tired of it.

We're a wealthy country… money's no object….